Los Twangueros, Featuring Andy Neate on guitar and lapsteel, Nana Tsiboe, percussion. Jimmy Gulliver, drums and cajon. Matt Juckes keyboards and flute. Colin Gibson, bass. George Macdonald, congas.

Photography, Tim Nathan

Nice mention in the Guardian online from Danny Rampling about our track ‘Cheese on Toast’ from the album…


Cheese on Toast. Album

Also this great remix done in Valencia of our version of Entre dos Aguas, from Modern Manners.

Entre Dos Aguas. Remix.

Another remix for you; ‘North Satellite Mix’ by Eugene Tambourine, from our version of an old Buddy Johnson tune called ‘Save your Love’, also from the album.

Save your Love. ‘North Satellite Mix’.

Danny Rampling: “Great Balearic/Latin band always a party when LT play live.”

The Jenny Lind Hastings: “The sheer musicianship displayed by Los Twangueros astounds, and they always guarantee a packed house at the Jenny and other venues.
While they provide the perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of occasions, take it from us: to appreciate the full Twang it’s best to loosen up, dance and lose yourself!”

Larry Love, Alabama 3: “Post modernist cheese!”

“An awesome Balearic-Latin ensemble that takes you back to Cafe del Mar in its infancy.”