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Nice mention in the Guardian online from Danny Rampling about our track ‘Cheese on Toast’ from the album…


Cheese on Toast. Album

DJ Cantoma:Many people in Ibiza have good things to say about the Album and music and Djs are playing the music out which is a great sign.”

Danny Rampling: “Great Balearic/Latin band always a party when LT play live.”

The Jenny Lind Hastings: “The sheer musicianship displayed by Los Twangueros astounds, and they always guarantee a packed house at the Jenny and other venues.
While they provide the perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of occasions, take it from us: to appreciate the full Twang it’s best to loosen up, dance and lose yourself!”

Larry Love, Alabama 3: “Post modernist cheese!”

“An awesome Balearic-Latin ensemble that takes you back to Cafe del Mar in its infancy.”